Hi! I'm Mathijs (/mɑˈtɛi̯s/)

Hi! I'm Mathijs (/mɑˈtɛi̯s/)

I’m a software engineer, product strategist, writer and musician with a background in theoretical computer science and philosophy, currently working in the language industry.

One of my personal slogans is that mixing language and technology is asking for trouble. Luckily solving troublesome and complex problems is my hobby!

The next big innovations in our industry will probably be more AI tools. However, these innovations don’t solve the problems I personally am more interested in: how do we organize ourselves? How do we set up solid processes that make localization feel seamless? How do we manage multilingual assets that (by definition) live in ever changing contexts and need constant revision? Language lives. It would thus be stupid to translate something from one language into the other and never look back again.

People will always be involved when it comes to language. This is where the real challenges arrise. I want to help people organize and communicate about language-related tasks. Let’s finally have computers do the stupid things so that we humans can focus on what we’re good at!

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